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Balling for Lupus Luvs Foundation

is a 501(c)(3) organization that helps to bring awareness to the chronic illness lupus and raise funds for small 501c3 Lupus organizations. Balling for Lupus Luvs Foundation was formed and created by Mrs. Bo Talley-Williams and her husband Fred Williams.

Bo Talley-Williams is the Owner Blaq Pearl Entertainment and her husband is a Professional Basketball Coach in the WNBA.

Balling for Lupus Luvs is a Charity Celebrity Basketball Game that features ONLY female coaches & players. It is the only of its kind and has gained national attention from very popular media outlets.

Every year, this event is organized to support the Lupus Foundation of America and other 501c3 non-profit Lupus organizations. Each year this event is successful in helping lupus survivors and families in raising funds, bringing more awareness and hope for a cure for this deadly disease. This is a non-paid charity event and some of the proceeds from this event are donated to Lupus Charities through out the world.

We are able to do this by bringing together, talented, giving and genuine female notables together for a game of basketball.


Lupus is near and dear to Mrs. Bo Talley-Williams heart because she lost an aunt due to complications of Lupus; and 2 of her aunts daughters are currently living with this mysteriously unpredictable illness, because of these loved ones, her friends living with Lupus and her knowledge of the illness, these are the driving forces behind Mrs. Bo Talley-Williams determination to bring aid and awareness to Lupus and continue to be a big advocate for Lupus.


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